You can find on this page the Portugal airports map to print and to download in PDF. The map of Portugal airport presents details of location and international airports of Portugal in Europe.

Map of Portugal airports

Map of Portugal airports

The Portugal airports map shows location of airports in Portugal. This airports map of Portugal will allow you to determine which airport you will used to leave or arrive in Portugal in Europe. The Portugal international airports map is downloadable in PDF, printable and free.

Portugal has three international airports, Lisbon, Faro and Porto as its mentioned in the map of Portugal airports. These three airports cover the entire country, and provide numerous international routes, which are own by a variety of airlines including national and low-cost airlines. The islands of Madeira and Azores each have their own airports and have regular flights back to the Portuguese mainland. All of the airports have facilities that reect the size of the airports and include car rental, money exchanges, ticket sales and duty free lounges.

Lisbon airport (LIS) is the main international airport of Portugal and this is the airport to y into for the entire central region as you can see in the map of Portugal airports. The airport handles the highest number of international ights and most ights from outside of Europe y into Lisbon. Lisbon airport is conveniently located within the city limits and is connected to the metro and bus network for easy onward travel.

Faro airport (FAO) serves the southern side of Portugal as its shown in the map of Portugal airports and this region of stunning beaches and enjoyable resort towns is referred to as the Algarve. The north of Portugal is served by Porto airport (OPO). The airport is becoming a hub for low cost airlines and the number of ights outside of European is increasing. There is no airport which serves the eastern side of Portugal, for central Portugal y into Lisbon and for the north eastern side of Portugal y into Porto.